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Supplements have become much more common in the UK over the last 10 – 15 years. Recent research reports that about one-third of people in the UK now take some form of dietary vitamin, mineral, or food supplement on 'most days.' Moreover, about 15 per cent say they have taken a 'high dose' dietary health supplement in the last 12 months. Growth in the dietary supplement market is driven by a number of factors. These include promotion of healthy foods and nutrition by dietary health programmes and the media, which is leading to a more health conscious public, as well as the ageing population, and easier dietary supplement availability.

The Quality And Regulation Of UK Food Supplements

It is clear that dietary food supplements are popular, but there are still concerns and unanswered questions. Herbal and dietary supplement is a common topic for media articles, but claims made may not be supported by any research. Sometimes contradictory reports about a dietary supplement are published within a few days of each other. This leads to confusion and questions like: “Are all health claims made about herbal extracts true and what facts back them up?”… “Is an herbal dietary supplement a waste of money?”… or even “Do dietary herbal supplements put our health at risk?” In the UK, these concerns have led to the Government introducing legislation to control herbal and dietary supplement sales and strict rules about what can be claimed on the supplement packaging. The Food Standards Agency, therefore, assesses all health food supplements to ensure they match the requirements. In this way, the UK tries to make sure that only the best food supplements are available for sale, and companies cannot use some of the more outlandish health claims to increase their sales. However, dangerous products, such as herbal beauty or weight loss supplements containing banned substances, do 'slip through the net', particularly on the Internet.

Vitamin Supplements Are Very Popular

Vitamin supplements are among the most popular dietary supplements. Along with fish oils, vitamins dominate the dietary supplement market. This is partly because the functions of all the 13 vitamins needed to maintain health are well known. These vitamins, A, C, D, E, K and the eight B vitamins, are available either in mega vitamin tablets or as a single vitamin supplement. Only two of these vitamins, niacin and vitamin D, can be made in the body. To ensure good health, the other vitamins have to come from elsewhere, usually food. Most dieticians, Government Health Departments, and Health Services suggest that we would get enough vitamins if we eat balanced and varied foods. The only exception being Vitamin D, which is created under the skin when exposed to sunlight. However, studies by professionals and authorities show that many people do not eat a balanced diet and lack dietary vitamins. For example, Government dietary surveys show that only about one-third of adults and only about 10 per cent of children eat enough fruit and vegetables to meet the “five a day” good health guidelines. This is why you should buy vitamin supplements; to make sure you get all the goodness you need.

Health Supplements Are More Than Just Vitamin Tablets

Vitamin tablets are not only sold on their own. Multi vitamins have become very popular, and now account for more than half of all vitamin sales. Vitamins are also often combined with minerals whose effects on the body are equally well understood. Further to this, other nutritional health supplements have been developed via including other ingredients the body needs to remain healthy. Dietary supplement mixtures can include combinations of vitamins and minerals combined with other ingredients such as herbs, fatty acids, or amino acids. Formulations of different dietary ingredients have been developed for different purposes; examples include mixtures of amino acids and fatty acids that are sold as protein powder. Other ingredients are sold to care for certain conditions, for example, tablets containing glucosamine are used to support joint health. This is particularly useful in building cartilage, which helps with osteoarthritis. The vast proportion of health supplements is extracts from natural herbs. Demand is driven by the resurgent interest in natural complementary and alternative medicines. The public is increasingly aware of and interested in safe, natural remedies like homoeopathy and herbal medicines. The increased sale of natural products is demonstrated by the increase in organic fruit and vegetables sales and the popularity of natural health products.

Natural Green Tea Supplements Have A Range Of Benefits

One herbal extract of note is green tea supplement. Green tea is produced from the same camellia plant as 'normal' black tea, but treated differently. Green tea preserves molecules in the leaves called polyphenols, which are broken down in the processes used to make black tea. It is polyphenols that may give green tea supplements many of their health benefits. Green tea supplements benefits are claimed to be wide ranging, providing support or relief for a wide range of conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, heart and circulation diseases, stomach disorders and low blood pressure. It is also claimed that a green tea dietary supplement can protect from some cancer including prostate cancer. Dietary green tea extract is supposed to improve mental alertness. Antioxidants in green tea extract can support the immune function and cardiovascular health. These claims are yet to be proven. In the UK green tea herbal extract is sold as a fat burner weight loss supplement, increasing the ability of the body to burn fat. This may be due to the combined actions of green tea supplement antioxidants and caffeine, though more study is necessary. If you are interested in supplements to burn fat or for any other reason, a reliable supplier of quality dietary supplements and vitamins to consider is Supplements Wise Ltd.

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