4 Reasons Why You Have Low Endurance

Endurance is defined as the energy and strength needed to be able to sustain a physical effort for long periods of time. By increasing your stamina, you will build endurance and train your body to be able to handle activity with less fatigue. Here are four tips to consider if you find that your endurance is not adequate for what you want to be able to achieve with your body.

Check What You’re Eating

The first thing that may be hindering your performance is your diet. What you put into your body has a direct effect on your energy levels. To push your endurance to the next level of performance, you’ll want to focus on eating a diet that is rich in complex carbohydrates, lean protein, fiber, healthy fats, and powerful antioxidants. Good choices include oatmeal, nuts, berries, green leafy vegetables, red peppers, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. Conversely, it is also recommended to avoid overly processed foods, refined sugar, and alcohol. Simply choosing the right foods can be extremely beneficial.

Identify Breathing Problems

Even if you do not realize it, you may have underlying breathing problems that are hindering your efforts to build endurance. Addressing these potential issues as quickly as possible will put you in a better position to be able to push your body and achieve all of your physical fitness goals. There are several things respiratory therapists handle and potential breathing problems are among them. If you suspect that breathing problems are holding you back, it is important to have these issues addressed by a trained respiratory therapist.


In order to perform at an optimal level, you need to ensure that your body is properly hydrated. The right balance of hydration enables your muscles to function at high levels of performance without growing weary. Too much, however, can be dangerous. So how much do you need? Just drink when you’re thirsty. And be observant when you visit the toilet – pale-yellow urine means that you’re well hydrated, but dark yellow means that you’re very dehydrated. However, make sure you’re drinking just water, and maybe herbal tea. Fruit juice is extremely sugary, and beverages with caffeine (soda and coffee) have a diuretic effect, which dehydrates you.

Be Consistent

Above all, it is vital that you remain consistent in your activity levels. You cannot expect to gain more endurance if you are not committed to keeping to a regular training schedule. Training consistently will build your aerobic base and strengthen your muscles. Although it is important that you do not overtrain and injure yourself, it is also vital that you continue making small strides to improve your stamina.

Endurance must be built over time. While there is no quick fix for boosting your endurance, there are steps that you can take to gradually build it up and enhance it. In particular, the four steps described above will help you to boost your overall endurance levels. Putting in the effort prior to each activity will yield the best results.

Do you feel fatigued just performing normal tasks? Consider taking magnesium to boost your energy levels.