3 Secrets to Getting Healthy, Luxurious Hair

In this world of instant gratification, it can be challenging to achieve the hair that you want in the time that you desire. However, making the effort to devote a little love to your hair will pay off with big rewards in the future. Here are three secrets to getting healthy and luxurious hair before you know it.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Switching out your ordinary cotton pillowcase for a silk one can do wonders for your hair. A silk pillowcase creates less friction and gives the hair a gentler surface to rest upon when you sleep. Because the fibers in silk are less absorbent, your hair will retain more moisture and exhibit a shinier appearance. If you don’t have a silk pillowcase, you will also see similar benefits from using a satin one. As a bonus, your skin will also benefit from the advantages of using a silk pillowcase.

Brush Carefully

While it may sound elementary, learning how to brush your hair can make a big difference in its overall appearance. Brushing your hair often will increase the blood flow to the hair follicle and stimulate growth. Make sure that you use proper hair brushing techniques so that you don’t damage your hair. It is better to brush dry hair than hair that is wet. Brushing your hair when it is wet is more likely to stretch it and lead to breakage, especially if your hair is damaged or fragile. If you must brush your hair when it is wet, you should use a wide-tooth comb on it instead of a hairbrush.

Take Supplements for Hair

Although genetics and hormones are overriding factors in the health of your hair, you can also stimulate its growth and increase shine and bounce by supplying it with the proper nutrients. Vitamin A will deliver hydration to the hair follicles and encourage growth. B vitamins are crucial in carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp, especially Biotin, and the collagen produced from sufficient vitamin C intake will help to prevent the hair from aging too quickly. Iron and zinc have also been shown to help prevent hair loss. While it is best to get these nutrients naturally from your food, you can also find them in many supplements.

Your hair has the potential to be beautiful and healthy. Paying attention to these lifestyle factors will help your hair to reach its true potential. By following these tips, you will have the bounce and shine that you have always wanted.

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