6 Supplements Needed for Optimal Teeth Health

Your teeth, like the other elements of your body, require the right nutrients and care. When you treat them right, you are helping to prevent issues, such as cavities, premature tooth loss, and discoloration. There are certain supplements you can explore that can help ensure your teeth are healthier.


The jawbone gets its strength and the enamel its hardness from calcium. It helps to ensure that all of the bones associated with the oral cavity have what they need to maintain their size and ability to support the teeth.

Vitamin D

For your body to properly absorb calcium, you need to ensure your vitamin D levels are proper. When vitamin D is low, your bone mineral density can suffer. This lack of mass could result in premature damage to the bones and teeth. A deficiency in this vitamin is widespread since proper sunlight exposure is needed for the body to make it. Since many adults lead busy lives and cannot get the appropriate sun exposure, a supplement can aid in boosting your levels.


Phosphorus is another nutrient that works with calcium in the body. For the teeth and bones to be strong, calcium relies on phosphorus to help it in building this needed strength. Phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body, next to calcium. It is involved in the body’s energy production.


Potassium has a similar job to vitamin D when it comes to teeth and bones. It helps to ensure bone mineral density is at the right levels. It also works with magnesium to help to prevent high acidity levels in the blood. When acid levels get too high, calcium can be leached from the teeth and bones.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is most often associated with the immune system, but it is also critical for the health of the oral cavity. It helps to ensure that the mouth’s soft tissues and gums are healthy. It is also essential to protect against gum disease and teeth loosening.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is vital to stop the substances in the body that can break down bone. It is also needed for bone strength because it aids the body in the production of a protein referred to as osteocalcin.

In addition to these supplements, regular brushing and flossing are imperative. Ensure you schedule dentist visits every six months. According to Frank B. Wanat, “new technologies allow us to detect dental concerns at early stages, treat your oral health needs with precision, and provide stunning and customized restorations.” So, keep an eye on your total oral health, including your gums, since if you opt for Columbiana dentures in the future when you get older, healthy gums are imperative for a comfortable fit.