A Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Healing

Modern medicine provides a wealth of treatments that help to cure disease and restore normal function. But before these techniques existed, a variety of healing methods were available to remedy medical conditions. The value of these methods is now widely recognized by the medical community and used to heal patients all over the world. Here are a few alternative-healing practices that can be helpful for a variety of medical issues.

Spiritual Healing and Energy Manipulation

Using touch for healing has been done for thousands of years. Spiritual healing practitioners use prayer, energy manipulation, and emotional balancing to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual healing. During an energy healing session, practitioners use their hands to direct energy within the body to areas that are in distress. Afterward, the body is able to heal itself naturally.

As a popular self-healing practice, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a formalized system of healing that focuses on energy in the body. Practitioners believe that when the body’s energy becomes disrupted, it enters a diseased state. So healers work to restore balance within the body. TCM uses a variety of alternative techniques, including herbal medicines, massage, and acupuncture.

Herbal Treatment

Herbal medicines have long-served as the primary healing method for people all over the world. Despite advances in modern medicine, herbs, and natural supplements are still used to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions. Various herbs can be used to relieve pain, treat the skin, relieve hormonal imbalance, and remedy gastrointestinal problems.


The instinct to rub painful areas of the body is natural. Current research shows that massage can be an effective way to relieve pain and improve mental health. A number of different techniques are used to stroke, press, knead, and roll the skin. Through this process, massage therapists are able to increase circulation and trigger natural healing.


Acupuncture is a form of healing where fine needles are placed at predefined points in the body to improve energy flow and neurochemical release. People often turn to acupuncture to treat a variety of physical problems and conditions. However, it is especially helpful in relieving headaches, back pain, and neck pain.    

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is a healing practice for calming the body and mind in order to improve health and longevity. It is a technique that anyone can learn and practice regularly, and it has been shown to relieve pain and improve your mood.

Yoga is a physical exercise technique that uses formalized poses, called asanas, to improve function and flow throughout the body. Yoga therapy comes in a variety of forms and treatment methods. Yoga Journal explains, “Some therapists focus on physical mechanics, while others bring in Ayurvedic healing principles and factor in diet, psychological health, and spirituality to create a holistic, customized plan.” From physical healing to emotional wellness, people find a variety of benefits incorporating yoga and meditation into their daily lives.

Clinical evidence indicates that many of these treatments can offer real benefits to patients. In conjunction with conventional medicine, alternative healing methods and natural supplements work to further promote your health and wellness.