Environments That Could Be Making You Sick

No matter how much of a homebody you might be, you are constantly in different environments and exposed to different germs. These different environments can have very adverse effects on your health, causing everything from seasonal allergies to long-term health problems. Being aware of the different environments you are in can help you safeguard against disease.  

Your Home

You are probably in your home pretty regularly, so it can be difficult to pinpoint what, if anything, in your house is making you sick. Dust, for example, is something that doesn’t seem like a big deal but can actually weaken your immune system and provide spaces for bacteria and toxins to thrive in your home. Make sure to regularly dust and clean your house to prevent buildup.

Your Job

Depending on the type of job you have, you could be exposed daily to many different hazards. At your job, there may be physical hazards, poor air quality, or dangerous toxins. Many dangerous chemicals or toxins actually give off colorless, odorless fumes that can be near impossible to detect, especially with the naked eye. PPE can help protect you from all kinds of hazards in the workplace. Be sure to follow all procedures and training with regards to PPE in your specific workplace. Even if you feel safe and like PPE isn’t necessary, never make exceptions for not wearing PPE since it can protect you from immediate dangers and long-term hazardous effects as well.

Your Grocery Store

You probably don’t think about your grocery store making you sick since that is most likely where you get nutritious foods and even some medicines. However, grocery stores are very public, hands-on spaces that contain many different bacteria, especially on door handles, conveyor belts, and produce. Many different people shop at the grocery store and products come in from all over the world, so the amount of bacteria on these high-touch spots is very high. Make sure to disinfect your hands, grocery bags, and products to keep these bacteria from getting into your house and meals to cause disease and health problems.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint why you are sick. Taking inventory of the different environments you are in can help you stay healthier. Once identifying the different environments you are in and what may be causing your sicknesses, take necessary measures to protect yourself in those places.

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