How to Make Tooth Pain Go Away

Having pain in your teeth can be excruciating. It’s difficult to forget and it can even impact your daily life. It’s important to find ways to make that pain go away and fortunately there are many approaches you can take.

Try a Home Remedy

If your pain is not too severe, according to Opencare, there are many home remedies you can try. It can be helpful if you identify the reason for the pain. However, if you aren’t sure what the source of pain is you can try multiple methods. As a general fix, you can apply ice to help numb the pain. Simply wrap some ice in a cloth and hold it against the area that is hurting. A similar method of managing the pain is to elevate your head as laying down can make it worse. If your tooth pain is due to an infection, you can use a saltwater or hydrogen peroxide rinse. You can also use certain foods like garlic or vanilla extract to help with inflammation.

Go to the Dentist

If the pain doesn’t get any better or if it is very severe, it may be time to visit the dentist. Your dentist can give you a better idea of why the pain is happening and they can fix it. One source of tooth pain you may have could be your wisdom teeth. According to Showtime Smiles, wisdom teeth often grow at angles that can cause damage to your jaw. When they come in, it can often be painful as well. Wisdom teeth need to be taken care of by your dentist. If you are experiencing very severe pain, you should go to your dentist. They can offer relief and they can fix the problem so you won’t have any further effects.

Good Oral Hygiene

Sometimes you may be experiencing tooth pain because of poor oral hygiene. You could have food lodged between your teeth or an infection could have occurred. According to the University of Illinois Chicago, you should make sure you floss and brush to keep your teeth healthy. Practicing good oral hygiene can also make a difference if you are already experiencing pain. For example, if the issue is food stuck between your teeth then a quick floss should fix the problem. If you take good care of your teeth, you are less likely to experience pain.

Tooth pain is not a fun experience. It’s easy to be constantly aware of it and it can keep you from daily activities until you take care of it. Try multiple approaches to see what works best for you.

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