How to Manage Vision Problems as You Get Older

Changing eyesight as we age is a very common issue that most of us will run into at some point or another. Eyesight is one of our most important senses, and keeping your eyes healthy and happy is essential to preventing the development of age related vision issues. There are plenty of things that are in your control to help support the health of your eyes. Here are a few ways that you can manage vision problems as you get older. 

Go to the Eye Doctor Regularly

Your eyes are one of the most important organs of your body, as sight is the most important sense that helps us navigate our world. Which is why going to the eye doctor regularly is essential. You wouldn’t skip trips to your dentist, so don’t skip trips to your eye doctor. Your eye doctor can help you spot issues that are arising before they become major issues, and help you navigate your eye health. They can also get you glasses or contact lenses to help improve your vision, and even help prevent your eyesight from getting worse. 

Consider Eye Surgery

If you have an eye problem, or poor vision, then you may want to consider eye surgery to help support your vision. Having cataracts moved early can help prevent them from developing into a worse situation. And having laser eye correction surgery can improve your eyesight and help prevent deterioration later in life. Keep in mind though that eye surgery is an intense procedure, and you may experience some inflammation post-op. Steroid drugs can help reduce inflammation after surgery. Make sure to discuss with your doctor the best ways to manage discomfort post-surgery. 

Do Not Sleep in Your Contacts

If you are a contact lens wearer, then the most important thing you can do to protect your eyesight is to remove your contacts before bed every night. Sleeping in your contacts can cause all sorts of eye issues and infections. Regularly removing your contacts, allowing your eyes to function without contact lenses in, and cleaning your lenses often is essential to preventing infections. If you sleep in your contacts regularly, then this is the first thing you should do to promote eye health. 

Keeping our eyes functioning properly into later life can be a struggle. But there are things that are in our control that can help support eye health. Follow these pieces of advice, and your eyes will help you see for a long time to come.

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