How to Snack Healthier Throughout the Day

Most people need a little bit more than their basic three meals a day to stay on top of their hunger and have the energy they need to get through their daily tasks. But if your snacks are unhealthy, they may do more harm than good in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you make smarter and healthier snacking decisions. 

Snack on Fruits and Vegetables 

One of the best things you can do to improve your snacking is to switch out your cookies and chips for healthy options like fruits and vegetables. Not only are fruits and vegetables more nutritionally dense than other choices, they also tend to give you more energy and leave you feeling comfortably full after the snack. You don’t have to love every vegetable and fruit, but if you can figure out some options you like and make sure to have them on hand next time you need a snack, it will help you to have more energy and get more done throughout the day. 

Watch Out for Added Sugars 

When you are eating prepackaged snacks, sometimes they can come across as healthy when they actually have added sugars that make them less than ideal. By avoiding extra sugars, you can make your overall health better and do good work to protect your oral health as well. Eating sugary snacks throughout the day is worse on your teeth than eating one big dessert. So do your best to eat healthy throughout the day so you can treat yourself with dessert from time to time. 

Add in Protein to Your Snacks 

If you want your snacking to be worthwhile, you need to make sure you are getting the protein you need. Getting enough protein will help you to increase your energy and feel fuller until your next meal. Things like hummus and peanut butter are great additions to your snacks that can bring in a burst of flavor and the protein you need to get through the day. Start stocking protein rich snacks at home so you can better manage your food intake each day. 

Snacks are an important part of your daily calorie intake, and it’s important that you choose healthy options. By choosing fruits and vegetables, avoiding added sugar and bringing in the protein, you can make your snacks work for you. And then you’ll have just what you need to make it through every day of the week.

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