Why Are Supplements So Popular? It’s Time To Explore Some of Their Benefits

Dietary supplements have become very popular among many Americans in recent years. They are especially used among health and fitness enthusiasts who take popular supplements regularly to experience a variety of benefits. Here are some of the key benefits that many dietary supplements provide.

Workout Recovery

After a hard workout, vitamin B6 and B12 supplements are great for combatting fatigue, joint pain, and muscle weakness. Muscle & Fitness states that adaptogen herbs, such as ginseng, holy basil, and ashwagandha, help monitor blood sugar and hormone production and can help the body cope with the stress of working out more effectively. Valine, taurine and other amino acids can speed up recovery time and assist the muscles in repairing themselves. Some workout recovery supplements on the market have even been formulated to contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that the body does not produce naturally and can further enhance recovery.

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Enhanced Fertility

Men and women who want to have children often turn to supplements to try to increase their chances of conception. Some of the best supplements to take for fertility include progesterone, vitamin E and ashwagandha. Acetyl-L-Creatinine is another supplement that has shown promise for couples who wish to conceive. Popular supplements such as Green tea and folic acid may also increase fertility, although conclusive evidence is insufficient. Women who produce too much of the hormone prolactin, which inhibits fertility, can benefit by taking the chaste tree berry supplement.

Increased Energy

Energy slumps are never fun during workouts, and certain supplements are known to boost energy levels and improve stamina. SymptomFind.com explains how ginseng has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine and stimulates the body’s central nervous system and combats fatigue. Creatinine, carnitine and other amino acids are available in supplement form and are known to enhance energy levels safely. Bee pollen can be found in supplement form as well and contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are essential for energy. Even caffeine can provide a boost of energy and is usually healthy when consumed in moderation. An even better alternative to caffeine is Gotu Kula, which produces many of the same stimulating effects.

Better Sleep

Some supplements are also useful to take for a better night of sleep, which can make work, exercise and other activities more productive. Melatonin, valerian and chamomile tea are often useful in eliciting natural sleep and can be better alternatives to taking prescribed sleep medications. Kava is another helpful supplement for sleep and can help lower stress and anxiety levels before bedtime.

Illness and Disease Prevention

Some of the best supplements on the market are formulated to strengthen the immune system and help with the prevention of certain health problems. Cleveland Clinic states that vitamin C, B6, and E supplements are especially beneficial for immune system health. Taking vitamin D and fish oil supplements may help prevent cancer. Green tea and omega-3 fatty acids are sometimes effective in preventing or treating heart disease. There is even evidence suggesting that ginkgo biloba and turmeric can combat the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Weight Loss and Maintenance

Whether the goal is to shed body fat or maintain a healthy weight, supplements can work wonders. According to Truvy, you should make sure you choose natural supplements that support your body’s normal processes to increase weight loss. Glutamine helps with weight loss and maintenance by regulating blood sugar levels and enhancing glucose metabolism. Chitosan, which is often known as shark cartilage, can lower body mass index (BMI) when taken with food twice a day. In addition to building better muscles, whey protein can help with weight loss by working as a natural appetite suppressant. The amount of fat absorbed by the body might be able to be reduced by taking hydroxycitric acid (HCA) supplements.

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Not only does taking a supplement promote better overall health, but it could also help the aging process. Vitamin C and E supplements have long been used to safeguard the skin against wrinkles and dullness along with damage from the environmental elements. IE Miller explains that many studies claim that polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE) supplements are often effective in maintaining a more youthful appearance by reducing sun damage and sagging skin. The amino sugar glucosamine can hide fine lines that sometimes form as the skin ages. Varicose veins, which sometimes develop as the body ages, can often be prevented by taking hesperidin.

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Bone and Joint Health

Maintaining optimal bone and joint health is especially crucial for working out and other activities that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Increasing vitamin D and calcium intakes are always good for keeping the bones and joints strong. Glucosamine and chondroitin, which are found naturally in cartilage, can be taken in supplement form to treat osteoarthritis. The Arthritis Foundation further emphasizes the importance of taking Boswellia Serrate (Indian frankincense) supplements to prevent inflammation, cartilage loss and other problems that are attributed to arthritis. Other recommended supplements to take for bone and joint health include turmeric, cat’s claw, and fish oil.

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Brain Function

Natural supplements known as nootropics are beneficial for brain functioning. Fish oil supplements contain the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that can help the brain function better and protect it from damage caused by inflammation. To keep the brain’s hippocampus region and memory intact, resveratrol is a recommended supplement. Mental fatigue can be reduced by taking popular supplements such as rhodiola rosea.

Mental and Emotional Health

Along with enhancing the brain’s functioning, certain supplements are known to improve mental and emotional health. S-Adenosyl methionine (SAMe) may be taken with an antidepressant to bolster the medication’s effects. Some people have experienced some additional mental and emotional health benefits by taking magnesium. Probiotics, which are often taken to promote a healthier intestinal tract, are also known to help balance mood. Simply increasing vitamin D and B12 intakes can also reinforce better mental and emotional health. St. John’s Wart can also be beneficial, but Mental Health America warns that it could interact negatively with some prescription antidepressant medicines.

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Dietary supplementation combined with a healthy diet can be highly beneficial for serious athletes, weekend warriors and people from other walks of life. These supplements can improve many areas of health and are safe for most people to consume.