3 Easy Exercises That Are Better for You Than You Think

Getting into a regular workout routine can be a struggle for many. Work obligations, family life, and other daily activities often take priority over taking care of your physical health. But there are many easy exercises that are very beneficial. The following are three easy exercises that may be better for you than you think.

Bodyweight Training

Building lean muscle doesn’t have to involve lots of heavy gym equipment. Bodyweight training is a great way to use your weight to your advantage. Plus, this type of workout can easily be done inside your home. This type of training is ideal for those who don’t want to clutter their homes with free weights and machines. Some of the exercises involve push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. Another great benefit of this workout is that it’s completely free and can be done in your home.


Walking is a low-intensity way to get in some cardio and it can be done nearly anywhere. Walking is not without its drawbacks. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road, and pedestrian-involved auto accidents can be nasty. Take proper precautions when walking near a road by wearing reflective clothes in low light conditions. You may also prefer to walk around an indoor shopping center or in a park with trails, both of which will provide you with the same benefits of walking along the street.


Yoga has many physical benefits and there are plenty of easy poses for beginners. Yoga can also be used to promote relaxation and help relieve tired muscles after a more intense workout. You may prefer to watch a yoga program on DVD or videos online from instructors, especially if you’re a beginner and aren’t familiar with the poses. There are many simple yoga poses that don’t require extreme balance or flexibility. These easy poses are still beneficial to your mind and body because they help you breathe deeply. Plus, they can be done anytime you need to take a few minutes to stretch and relax.

Working out is an important step in your journey to better health. Whether you’re trying to gain more energy or just feel better about yourself, one of the key factors in that journey is a having a maintainable exercise routine. By incorporating these easy, but beneficial, exercises into your lifestyle, you can reap the benefits of regular exercise without the stress and strain of strenuous workouts.