3 Things People Don’t Like Talking About When It Comes to Male Health

A man’s health should be one of his biggest concerns, but many males are reluctant to admit that they’ve been dealing with troubles in certain areas. While it doesn’t take much pressing for a man to admit he has a broken limb or a fever, there are other problems that are seldom discussed openly. Let’s discuss them here. The following are some topics that are commonly avoided when considering men’s health.



Millions of men around the world are dealing with depression, and many of them are suffering in silence. The perception that men are meant to deal with mental health problems all by themselves or that these experiences will “toughen” them up somehow has led to a drastic suppression of this problem. Depression goes beyond feeling blue for a moment. It can take the joy and overall sensation out of life’s moments. In order to find a path through depression, a man needs to express himself. It could be to a close, trusted friend or it could also be to an expert, such as a therapist. The important thing is that he doesn’t feel as though he has to push his depression away. He shouldn’t be made to think of himself as a weak person for trying to deal with it.


Reproductive Health

Whether or not a man is trying to have children, his reproductive health needs to be checked and maintained. Unfortunately, things like prostate and testicular health are not very well researched. Troubles can also arise more easily than you might think. For instance, Ibuprofen has been linked to long-term testicular cancer. It might be a bit embarrassing to talk about, but men need to spread awareness of the importance of getting regular prostate exams and checking their testicles for lumps.


Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are commonly associated exclusively with women. However, a third of men deal with them in the form of things like bulimia and binge eating. Men can suffer from body-image problems due to feeling inadequate about being overweight or not being muscular. If a man is eating in an imbalanced way or forcing himself into practices that are harmful to his overall health, he needs to come to terms with his need for help.


The only way to break the stigma of these men’s health topics and others is to discuss them. Men need to come forward and talk about these issues without feeling embarrassed or being shamed. It’s important for us all to look out for one another, and that won’t happen as long as men are reluctant to speak up.

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