3 Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Giving Birth

Giving birth is one of the biggest stressors you can put your body through. Even successful, smooth births with no complications are difficult for women, and they can be even harder in cases where a C-section or other complicating factor is at play. If you are like millions of other women around the globe, restoring your body to its previous state is a huge priority after giving birth. You want to feel the same confidence in your skin that you felt before you became pregnant. Fortunately, taking the concrete steps described here can set you on the right path to feeling and looking like your old self in no time. Here are the best ways to get back into shape after giving birth.

Getting Your Nutrition

For many women, one of the postpartum challenges is to get back to a normal, healthy diet. Weird cravings during pregnancy, even for unhealthy foods that you should generally avoid, are common. Most doctors advise patients to eat what they crave during pregnancy but to right the ship once the baby is born and return to healthy eating habits. Make sure you’re including lots of whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal plans, especially if you’re breastfeeding. In addition to the nutrients provided by whole foods, getting plenty of fiber into your diet can help you shed any excess weight you picked up during your pregnancy.

Moving Your Body

Getting back to an active routine is crucial for new mothers if they want to regain their shape. Sometimes, though, getting started is easier said than done. Begin with lighter exercise until you feel comfortable engaging in more rigorous activity. A particularly difficult birth can require therapy. You might need to see a specialist before you start getting back to your routine.

Practice Self-Care

It’s common for women, especially in cases where postpartum depression is an issue, to feel emotionally down or lose self-confidence after a pregnancy. This is understandable since our self-worth and self-image are largely drawn from our physical appearance. Being kind and patient with yourself as you embark on your journey to get back into shape can help ease the process along.

Getting your shape back is within your reach. It just takes dedication, hard work and a plan. The hardest part is getting started. Begin with small steps like swapping a healthy snack for an unhealthy one. Do stretching exercises at first. Ease your way back into a healthy lifestyle and routine.

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