4 Things Your Pet Needs From You Every Day

Having a pet can be a wonderful addition to any household. Pets provide us companionship, love, and often protection from outside threats. However, are we doing as much for them as they are for us? The healthy and overall happiness of your pet should be your number one priority. Therefore, we’ve listed the four things your pet needs from you every day.


Every pet, regardless of their size or breed, needs some form of exercise every day. We completely understand that some days you simply don’t have the time to take a long walk with them. However, there are plenty of ways to provide them with this need from the comfort and convenience of your own home. One of the most fun ways is to simply have a tug of war with their favourite chew toy. Cats love chasing objects, and therefore, you could always invest in portable chase toys that allow your cat to have hours of fun and most important exercise.

Fresh Air

Both dogs and cats are a curious bunch; therefore, simply providing them with a walk isn’t enough to detour destructive behaviour such as chewing and excessive running around the house. In addition to their daily walk, you might let them lounge on the balcony or play in the yard. Giving your pet some fresh air every day is a great way to keep them happy and healthy.

Proper Housing

Although many of us have our furry companions inside our homes, there are plenty of pet owners who may not be able to keep them indoors due to a variety of reasons. So, if your pet is forced to sleep outdoors, always make sure to provide them with a proper home with plenty of blankets for the cold months and shade for those hot summers.

Proper Nutrition

All pets require different serving sizes of food every day. For example, a puppy might need four small meals a day to keep them healthy as where a large dog might only need two small meals. As for the type of food to serve them, it is best to provide your pets with premium-quality dry food. These can often be mixed with water or canned food to make it extra tastier and easier for them to chew on.

Providing your pet with their daily list of needs may sound like a lot of responsibility and in some way it is. However, you should see these tasks as a time to bond with your pet rather than it being another chore. So, what are you waiting for? Go give your pet the best life it can possibly have.

Your pets need vitamins, just like you! Especially as much of the nutrition in their bought pet food is removed during the processing stage. Check out our vitamins and supplements and see how they can help. From probiotics for dogs to multivitamins to bladder support, we have something for most of your pal’s ailments.