5 Everyday Benefits of a Stronger Core

Although people refer to the core as a single entity, it’s actually made up of several muscles, including the internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis, the multifidus and erector spinae, and the rectus abdominis. These muscles span your pelvis, extend along your ribs and spine, and also make up what’s known as the six-pack. Basically, your core is where most of the motion in the body originates from. That’s why there’s so much talk about your core. No matter what kind of motion you do from bending to lifting to turning, your core muscles all play a part in that movement. Below, you’ll find five everyday benefits of developing a stronger core.

Improved Posture

According to BroBible, the first benefit of a strong core is that it will improve your posture. A lot of shoulder and neck problems can be caused by slouching, hunching, or even a tilted pelvis. Most exercises that work the core focus on strengthening your torso muscles as well as your back muscles. When these muscles are strong, there’s less pressure on your spine, and your muscles are able to lift and support you better, leading to better posture.

Decreased Back Pain

A strong core can also help with back pain because as we said above, it helps to improve your posture. Chirp explains that if you suffer from back pain, your posture is a likely culprit. Countless people suffer from low back pain due to spinal compression or herniated discs. One reason for this pain is that their spines don’t have the support they need. A strong core can better support your spine. You will also strengthen your abdominal muscles, which help to anchor your spine.

Increased Stability

One of the best things you can do as you get older is to strengthen your core because it will also increase your stability. Many injuries that elderly people suffer are due to poor stability and balance. Routine movements like walking can even pose a danger. However, a strong core will stabilize the body, making everyday movements such as walking and bending easier and less dangerous. Senior Directory suggests that there are lots of simple exercises that seniors can do to help their core muscles get stronger.

Improved Sports Performance

A strong core can make you a better athlete as well. Now, you might not be a pro athlete, but you may enjoy games of golf, tennis, swimming, or basketball with your kids. All of these types of sports utilize some type of core movements. Think of your body twisting to swing a golf club or powering through to hit that tennis ball. All of that power and flexibility comes from your core, so a stronger group of core muscles can improve your performance.

Prevented Injuries

Lastly, a strong core can help to prevent those everyday injuries that we all seem to suffer from. Summit Orthopedics cautions that if you’ve ever bent over to pick something up and felt a pang of pain in your back or reached overhead and felt a burst of pain in your side, then you probably have a weak core. Overall, a stronger core can make these everyday movements easier and make you less prone to injuries.

A stronger core can improve your posture while also reducing your back pain. It can also increase your stability, make you a better athlete, and bulletproof you from injuries. Keeping your body young and healthy should be a top priority. Start incorporating core exercises into your workouts to reap these benefits.