Alternative Treatments You Should Consult Your Doctor About Before Trying

Modern medicine has evolved at an incredible pace in just the last century! You, like many, may want to try an alternative route to the modern medical treatment, preferring a more natural or holistic approach to healing. If you are considering things like herbal supplements, medical marijuana, or practices like acupuncture, you should consult your doctor to make sure it is a safe and helpful treatment for your needs.

Herbal Supplements

You may think that combining completely natural herbs with medications, foods or even other herbs would be safe—however, the chemical compositions of herbs can cause serious and even harmful side effects if mixed together! Your doctor should be notified of any herbal supplements and vitamins you take regularly, or are wanting to take. They will be able to inform you of the dangers of any mixtures in your diet and medications, as well as any natural reactions you may have due to your personal health circumstances and medical history.

Medical Marijuana

The benefits of medical marijuana have helped thousands upon thousands of people since its legalization. If you struggle with chronic pain, this may be an effective help to you in controlling the issue so that you can live more normally. You should keep in mind, though, the potential harmful effects of this drug. Frequent intake has resulted, in some individuals, loss of short-term memory, lung damage, mental capabilities, and the detrimental impact of addiction. You may also consider your career goals. In many professions, your license can be suspended for reckless substance abuse. Talk with your doctor about whether or not medical marijuana is a good fit for your needs, and exactly what kind of regimen will provide you the benefits of the treatment with minimal risk of the potential harms!


Acupuncture is a physical treatment that uses pressure points and specific spots to release chemicals throughout the body, intending to stimulate the flow of healing. This can be a very effective treatment, but if it is performed by someone unqualified it can have very harmful results. Ask your doctor about whether or not acupuncture may solve the issues you are facing with your health, and request their recommendation for professional acupuncturists who will do it right. Your doctor may also advise you as to pressure points that your acupuncturist should avoid for your safety.


Each of these methods of treatment carries immense potential for positive healing. Still, you should confirm that nothing about the treatment you are considering will cause more harm than help! Stay safe and stay healthy with the right kinds of medical care for you.

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