Foods That Aren’t as Healthy for Kids as You Think

Feeding your kids is never an easy thing. Balancing kids’ wants with their nutritional needs, all while giving them foods that they will eat is a difficult tap dance that takes years and years to master as a parent. Sometimes, this dance can lead you to giving kids foods or snacks that you believe are nutritious and your kids find delicious. But the truth is that many of these foods aren’t as healthy as you may believe that they are. Here are three foods that kids love that may not be as healthy as you think.


The first type of food that isn’t as healthy for kids as you think is crackers. While crackers may seem like a much healthy alternative to other salty and crunchy snacks like potato chips they can be just as bad or worse. 5 round butter crackers come in at a whopping 81 calories for such a small serving, while delivering 4 grams of fat and over a gram of sugar. AT the same time, crackers are almost completely devoid of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that their bodies need to grow and thrive. Next time you think about giving your kids crackers for a snack, try and find a better alternative.

Granola Bars

Another food type that really isn’t as healthy for your kids as you may think is granola bars. Granola bars feel like they would be healthy, after all, it’s granola, right? Well, sort of. Granola bars do contain plenty of granola, but the concern comes with all the other stuff shoved in there. A lot of granola bars have added sugar that makes cavities more likely. It also turns what should be a great source of sustainable energy from granola into a sugary boost that can leave your kids crashing not long after eating.

Fruit Juice

The final food that isn’t nearly as healthy for kids as you think is fruit juice. Fruit juice can be a very healthy option, but when you buy a fruit juice for your kids at the store, the likelihood is you aren’t just buying juice. You are buying a little bit of fruit juice mixed with a lot of sugars, artificial sweeteners, colorings, and other additives. All of this combines to give you a drink that is far from healthy.

Feeding your kids in a healthy way that they also enjoy is not as easy as it looks. It only gets more challenging when foods are advertised as healthy, when they are not. Be wary of these three foods that aren’t as healthy for your kids as you have been led to believe.

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