How to Maintain Your Health When You Have a Desk Job

Many of us make our living working in an office. And while a desk job provides a number of perks, the promotion of health and fitness is not one of them. The same chair that is so comfortable to you for 40 or more hours a week can contribute to you becoming a sluggish person with a declining fitness level. The good news is, there are a number of measures you can take to maintain and improve your fitness while working a desk job.

Take Breaks

It is necessary to take frequent breaks when you work at a desk. Take a walk to get a cup of coffee, volunteer to go to the photocopier for a coworker, or use the stairs to go to the bathroom on another floor in the building. The few minutes of movement it takes to complete these tasks will help to increase the amount of oxygen flowing through your body and renew the energy available to your mind.

The attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers also suggests these breaks to protect your hands if you spend a lot of time at a keyboard each day. Repetitive movements with your hands can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Keep Good Posture

You may think your mother’s words regarding good posture only served to nag you, but she was actually on to something. Make sure you sit up straight in your chair and be aware of the tendency to lean your head forward when looking at a computer screen. This leaning will cause unnecessary strain to the neck and spine and can cause you real harm over time. Practice rotating your shoulders back and in a downward motion, this will reduce the pressure on your neck and spine by keeping your body in a more natural alignment. Also, tuck your chin in just a bit.

Optimize Your Snack Jar

You will be less likely to make a mad dash for the vending machine at work if you keep a desk drawer stocked with foods that add nourishment to your body. Protein bars, dried fruits, and nuts are all possible suggestions for your snack drawer. When you suddenly crave something to eat, you will have something on hand that will prevent you from being nutritionally irresponsible. But remember, life is meant to be enjoyed. Your co-worker only has one birthday a year. A small piece of cake in celebration is permissible.

Many Americans love their office jobs and feel quite at home at their desks. However, it is important to recognize the potential risks to your health that can result from sitting at your desk for too long each day. The three tips above are a great place to start if you want to maintain your health while working a desk job.

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