How to Stay Fit When You Have a Desk Job

It can be challenging to stay in shape when you are tied to a desk all day at work. However, a sedentary job should not be an excuse to let your fitness goals slide. Here are three innovative ways that you can stay fit even if your day job requires you to be in an office:

Mix Up Your Schedule

Flexibility is the key when looking to stay in shape while being tied to an office job. In order to get your sweat on, you may need to think outside of the box. Tinkering with your work schedule to allow for more time to work out might be what is needed. Perhaps you can come in a little later so that you are able to grab a morning workout?  Or take a longer lunch break and squeeze in your exercise at that time. Brainstorming ways in which you can give yourself the time to stay fit may be the solution that you need.

Talk to Management

Engaging management in your fitness goals is also an ideal way to personally stay fit and encourage others to do the same. You can ask them to set up an exercise bike for workstations, or take it a step further and start something like a step challenge to motivate everyone to get in better shape. An office wellness program should ideally focus on both exercise goals and dietary needs. By involving the entire office, you will be helping fellow colleagues as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone in the office.

Use Your Commute Time

One of the best ways to stay fit when working an office job is to get in your daily exercise as your commute. This strategy allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Biking to work is the perfect way to get in your workout before the workday even begins. If it is not feasible to bike or to walk all the way to work, get creative and drive just part of the way and then get moving. Even just getting in a few miles per day will add up over the course of the week.

Despite having an office job, all hope is not lost when it comes to achieving all of your health and wellness goals. With the right motivation and creativity, you can stay in shape even when tied to a desk.

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