Things You Can Do to Keep Your Face Looking Youthful Longer

There is a hyperfixation on youthfulness in most of Western culture, which can be a problem. However, there are some things which promote a youthful look while also helping your overall health, which should be your goal. What are some things you can do to promote healthy skin, which helps you to look youthful for longer? Here are a few ideas.


Skin is a complex organ of the body. When you age, what you’re losing from your skin is the tightness and elasticity which is caused by collagen. But skin health is often overlooked in favor of aesthetics. You want your skin to be beautiful from the inside out, whatever this means for your individual face. Supplements like Vitamin E can help decrease scarring marks, while Vitamin D and Vitamin K help create healthy cells and help with the appearances of things like stretch marks and fine lines. Your goal is healthy skin that glows and helps you feel great!

Facial Treatments

You don’t have to use laser resurfacing to get better skin at the spa! Light therapy has been shown to be an effective salon treatment with promise and offers some great skin benefits. Truly, though, just having your face massaged and pampered with masks and treatments can help reduce pores, but also will reduce lymphatic swelling in the face and neck. This creates a healthy and happy glow! Get that lymph flowing—it’s what helps protect your body from infection!

Take Lots of Pictures and Videos

If you’ve heard people tell you you’re being vain by taking a lot of pictures of yourself, think again! It can help a great deal with body dysmorphia oriented thoughts to see yourself in pictures and videos. When you see yourself, instead of thinking about any new changes you see, focus on yourself as if you are your close friend. See the beauty of your friend-that-is-you, and recognize that natural changes in bodies mean lives have been lived, and joy has happened within them.


Don’t worry about whether you have wrinkles! The truth is, the only way to not have all fine lines and wrinkles as an adult would be to be a statue, or have someone airbrush your face constantly. Be healthy and treat yourself to skin treatments that feel great.

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