What Are the Benefits of Post-Workout Supplements?

You can spend countless hours pumping iron and exercising at the gym, but without the right nutrition, it’s not going to help you achieve your fitness goals. Adopting a strict diet of lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to continue exercising. Additionally, post-workout supplements can prove beneficial for the following reasons.

Restores Glycogen Levels

Our bodies run on stored energy known as glycogen. A type of polysaccharide, this compound gives us the fuel needed to exercise. But exercise also depletes our bodies of glycogen. This depletion can lead to weaknesses, headaches, and nausea after working out. The good news is that you can restore your body’s glycogen levels with supplements. A high-energy supplement will provide you with much-needed glycogen, protecting against these and other related problems.

Shortens Recovery Time

Most fitness experts recommend waiting 48 hours between strength training so that your body has time to recover. The rate at which your body recovers from strength training exercises, however, varies depending on your nutritional intake. If you don’t consume enough protein, it may take longer than 48 hours for your body to recover. Therefore, you should consider a post-workout protein supplement. A protein shake or bar is the perfect way to increase your protein intake and shorten your recovery time.

Promotes Protein Synthesis

Post-workout supplements can also stimulate protein synthesis. Whether it’s from eggs, soy, dairy, beef, nuts or a supplement, protein plays a vital role in the function of cells. When you work out, the cells within your muscle tissue will begin to break down and degrade. A post-workout protein supplement, however, facilitates the repair of this damaged tissue. As your body absorbs protein, it uses this nutrient to rebuild the damaged tissue via a process known as protein synthesis.

Bigger Gains

Don’t underestimate the importance of post-workout supplements in bodybuilding. If you want bigger muscles, you need to supplement your body with the right nutrients. Protein and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are just two powerful muscle-building nutrients.

Curbs Hunger

Finally, the right supplements can curb hunger cravings associated with working out. Whether it’s running, cycling, doing pull-ups or lifting weights, all forms of physical activity will leave you feeling hungry. This hunger is because exercise burns energy and your body only has so much stored energy. A protein supplement will curb these cravings while providing your body with essential nutrients in the process.

Post-workout supplements are beneficial for several reasons. They restore glycogen levels, promote protein synthesis, encourage more significant gains and more.


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