Who Needs Food Supplements?

There are many different opinions on the table when it comes to food supplements. Some swear that supplementation has boosted their health, while others won’t take them out of a belief that they are not necessary. These debates rage on within health bodies across the world too, but the stats certainly demonstrate a case for why we may all need to buy food supplements online.

According to the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), only a tiny amount of us actually eat our five portions of fruit and veg a day. The stats show that just 13% of men and 15% of women actually met the government’s recommended quota. This means there are a lot of us missing out on vital vitamins and minerals. It can be hard, expensive and time-consuming to fit in five portions of fruit and veg into everyday diets. It’s why many turn to the likes of vitamin supplements for help. They exist for the reason that most of us are missing out on what our bodies need to stay healthy. Of course, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need supplementation – but that’s not pragmatic. The lives of people in the UK today have never been busier. When it comes to choosing to prepare five portions of fruit and veg a day versus taking health food supplements, the latter is a good substitute in our hectic lives. The interesting thing about the statistics is that they demonstrate that these major nutritional deficiencies aren’t just prevalent in people of particular backgrounds – they can be seen across a wide variety of population groups.

So in answering the question of who needs natural food supplements, the independent statistics verify that nearly everyone needs them in order to remain as healthy as they possibly can be. The reality is that we must take control of the health of our own bodies as we can no longer rely on our GPs to provide all the answers. Pushed by time and budget-constraints, your local GP is limited in helping you find the answer to your diet deficiencies. It’s possible for you to work out and identify which vitamins and minerals that you are lacking in your diet by keeping a simple note of what you consume. The wonderful thing about supplementation is that it can be easily integrated into your current diet – so there’s no need for you to make any dramatic changes to what you eat. Some, however, worry that’ll they end up getting too much of a vitamin or mineral by taking supplementation. However, the UK FSA has reported only 11 adverse reactions from supplementation over an 11-year period – all were relatively minor in terms of harm. So as long as you follow the instructions and directions provided, there should be no harm felt from boosting your diet by buying food supplements online.

There are a whole host of health-boosting supplementation for you to choose from when you shop for food supplements online. As long as you find reputable manufacturers and sellers of supplements, then your body will undoubtedly receive the nutritional boost it craves.