Why You Should Still Be Careful About Using Medical Cannabis

While medical cannabis has the potential to aid in many medical problems, such as mitigating seizures in epileptics or reducing nausea in cancer patients, there is not sufficient experimental evidence to suggest that medical cannabis does not come without its own negative consequences. Therefore, before you take medical cannabis, be willing to become aware of the risks in taking it. That way, you can be an educated medical cannabis consumer.

You Could Have Negative Side Effects

Just like any form of medication, cannabis affects everyone differently. Not one human is alike, so each person’s experience with medical cannabis will be unique to that individual. For some, there may not be any obvious, negative side effects. For others, there may be severe side effects of using medical cannabis. According to The Greeley Company, possible risks of medical cannabis consumption include hallucinations, low blood pressure, nausea, and depression. Be careful that you are not combining medical cannabis with other drugs. Lastly, make sure you consult with your doctor who can help you decide if medical cannabis is right for you.

It Can Put Your Job at Risk

Certain professions are extremely sensitive to the use of cannabis in the workplace, even if it has been medically prescribed. Since there hasn’t been sufficient research on the use of cannabis and its possible effects, many employers practice a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis. For example, according to attorney Lucy S. McAllister, consuming cannabis can put a job such as in nursing in jeopardy. Therefore, before you start taking medical cannabis for a certain health concern, make sure that you get sufficient documentation from your doctor and talk openly with your boss.

There is a Lack of Research

As stated before, the lack of research on medical cannabis makes it a risky option. Much of the ‘evidence’ concerning the positive effects of medical cannabis comes from anecdotal experiences, case studies, or small sample sizes. Therefore, it is difficult to know whether or not the observed effects have to do with the cannabis or other variables, like additional treatments or the demographics of the person. So, according to The Sonoma County Experience, before you consider taking medical cannabis, you may want to wait until further research has been done.

The medical field is becoming increasingly more open to the health potential of cannabis. Nevertheless, such big movements toward medical cannabis need to be treated with caution. Before taking medical cannabis, be sure that you consult with a licensed health professional. It may also be good to get multiple opinions. Doing so will ensure that you do what is safest for your body.

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