Why Your Health Matters for Your Job

Sometimes it feels as though you are eating, drinking, and sleeping just to work. The opposite should be true, however—the whole purpose of a job is to fund you living your best life, and your health plays a large role in this. When you’re healthy you are happier and your job improves, so taking care of yourself now will help prevent future problems that would negatively affect your career.

It Affects Your Performance

No matter how hard you work, bad health issues can affect your performance at work simply because of the toll an illness or chronic problem has. Long absences, shorter hours, and a reduced workload are often the result of not taking care of yourself, which negatively impacts your chances of a promotion or raises or even continued employment, which in turn all affect your future livelihood. Though managing your health now may seem expensive and time-consuming, you simply can’t afford the later problems that self-neglect eventually raises.

It Can Affect Licensure

Bad health not only stifles your future chances of promotion, however. Professional licensure is required for certain occupations, so certain problems can even revoke your eligibility to continue in that profession. For instance, if you have an addiction, it could result in the loss of a medical or nursing license. If your hands begin to shake, you would no longer be able to work as a surgeon. Even if actual licensure is not involved in your job, the physical and mental toll it requires can simply end up beyond your capabilities if bad health persists.

It Often Affects Relationships

No matter how physical the labor of your job is, businesses in the end are all about people. Being able to connect and develop a strong relationship with coworkers and supervisors is essential to making yourself a valuable employee. If your health is not taken care of, however, you run the risk of being too tired, sick, or simply absent to maintain such essential work relationships. Immediately assessing and addressing any possible health issues that arise, as well as going the extra mile to maintain good health, helps to ensure that you can be there for your job, and then your job can remain helping you.

The end goal of a career is generally to find success and happiness. Without your health, however, neither are possible. Take the steps needed now to assess your own health and what measures can be used to prevent future illness and health problems that will get in the way of you and your financial career.

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